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Just Released - Version 1.1 of the SigFree SDK - Build Apps for true Zero Day protection - now for 32 and 64 bit systems.



Case Studies

The included case studies are meant to be selected examples of what can be done with the SigFree SDK.

These applications were completed during the development of SigFree to assure a development path that would yield tangible real world results when put into application.

In each case, there was no attempt to optimize results or to create fully commercializable programs. Also, many improvements to the SigFree Library were made after testing based on these examples, but not reincorporated back into the examples.

The following Case Studies are included:

  • Browser plug-in protector - For Internet Explorer and Firefox. As plug-ins, including active-x controls are a major source of end point infection, the browser plug-in protector was a key area to demonstrate effectiveness, benchmark performance, and improve the effectiveness of the core SigFree DLL.
  • Web server protection - As a key mover of data, web servers are highways for newly launched malware that may be 30 or 40 seemingly unrelated bytes in a data segment that is MB's and more.
  • Memory checker -This is a key application if you desire to use SigFree as a periodic snapshot tool to identify and prepare defenses against newly launched threats. SigFree can be applied in this application as an online or offline memory checker for high speed servers, such as in communication equipment, and even as an in-process checker for PC's, integrated with the core OS process management tasks.

Solution Sets