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Just Released - Version 1.1 of the SigFree SDK - Build Apps for true Zero Day protection - now for 32 and 64 bit systems.


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Be first in the detection of freshly-minted zero day malware by building SigFree signature-free technology into your security applications. DayZero Systems has introduced SigFree Software Development Kit v1.1 with support for 32 and 64-bit Windows systems.

This fully functional SDK is available as a 30-day free trial - available via download from Digital River.

User examples of integration of SigFree technology into apps for true proactive Zero Day protection include:

· Security Software Firms – Add Zero Day malware detection to your existing Threat Management Suites.

· Security and Forensic Consultants – Build new detection tools that set you apart from your rivals.

· Large Corporate – Build custom proactive protection based on SigFree signature-free technology.

· Entrepreneurs – Bring new SigFree-based disruptive products to market, redefining the standard for protection from newly minted, unknown malware code and delivery systems.

SigFree is signature-free. It does not rely on traditional malware detection methods such as pattern, string or hash matching. Yet, SigFree does not slow down the host system. SigFree detects executable code, and its threat potential, in data packets, all file formats, and residing in memory. It defeats obfuscation, polymorphism and other malware self-defense techniques. Your imagination and skill is the limit. SigFree SDK can be used to build Intrusion Protection Systems that reach beyond current state-of-the-art. Use the SigFree engine to provide Web Server, End Point and Browser Protection, even perform Memory Analysis. With SigFree, you will detect malware you could never detect by other means.

The SigFree SDK v1.1 32/64-bit comes with everything you need to build your application including a robust set of API’s and a comprehensive development guide. You’ll also find case studies on Browser and Web Server Protection and Memory Analysis, with performance results, at http://dayzerosystems.com/case-studies.


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